3 M TVIO1510 Temflex 1500 Vinyl Electrical Insulation Tape, 15 mm x 10 m Self Adhesive Disk Wallet Purple

Self adhesive and PVC Electrical Insulation Tape with excellent electric and also mechanical qualities for numerous interior applications as much as 1 kV. Size is 15 mm Material is PVC. Colour is lilac/purple. Size is 10 m dual sided is no. Well, it is UV resistant. Protecting is Yes. Selbstv continues the Yes. Warm resistant up to 90 ° C. Thickness: 0.15 mm self-welding/amalgam protecting is no. Ideal for high voltage is no. Vulkanis insulating is no 15 mm x10 m Purple 3 m Deutschland electric tape 15 mm x10 m Purple Temflex 1500 15X10VI4001895959448