Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle – Summer Fig Fragranced Candle in Glass Jar with Lid – Purple, Glass, mauve, 113 g

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Summer season Fig – such as the color of a fig tree: Subtle prickly pear flavour, combine well with the scent of the environment-friendly Laubs and holzigen notes – Colour: Purple
100% Authentic Fragrances
For the production of the candle light by Home ideas by Yankee Candle is exclusive completely perfumed as well as coloured paraffin wax. Just so a continual or even at home can be ensured. Take pleasure in irresistible scents, real minutes of satisfaction. Make it candlelit on yourself cosy and get a health spa ambience to your home.
With a more than 40 years experience, you Yankee Candle – Global Market Leader in from the USA, with HOME ideas by Yankee Candles a range of scented candle lights which produce just the true fragrance, that you are a Kerzenliebh but expect them to look as well as do. The scent is much more, this is from the first minute at reduced temperature levels, down to the last minute of your Ocote.
Premium cover
The excellent quality costs lid made from brushed silver gives a premium quality look and feel – by doing this, you could the candle lights consisting of attractive can be made use of as an accessory in a range of living areas. To shut seal made from silicone enables a simple and comfortable with very little initiative. It additionally safeguards the candle light from dust as well as appropriates to use as a rollercoaster, around furniture from heat and also scrapes recommend trying a brand-new Wallet Case.
'Each of the wick made use of is particularly chosen for every wax structure. Made from 200 various wick comes the individual for usage that's ideal to fit size, colour and fragrance of the candle light. Many thanks to a "burn stop system have actually listened to the candle under of your burn time automatically to burn to stop the danger of overheating.